Beyond Investing: A Deep-Rooted Philosophy

"Over the next decade, less than 1% of the capital managed by global institutional asset managers can change the course of Africa’s economic and social history, support the planet’s route to zero carbon, and lift more than a billion people out of poverty. A prosperous Africa can feed the world, resource the world, and reverse the migration. The foundation for delivering this outcome is in accelerating the rate of investment into low-carbon, resilient infrastructure across Africa."

- Bolaji Balogun
Chief Executive Officer, Chapel Hill Denham.

At Chapel Hill Denham, we are firm believers in the power of developing capital markets to fuel long-term economic growth in Nigeria and Africa. This is why we focus on sectors accretive to Nigeria and Africa’s development, such as infrastructure, renewable energy, student and affordable housing, private credit, venture and technology, education, healthcare, gender and creative economy. We prioritise good corporate governance and sustainability and actively push for positive change within the businesses we work with.

By choosing Chapel Hill Denham, you are not just selecting a financial advisor or partner – you are aligning yourself with a firm committed to a prosperous Nigeria and Africa. We bring a long-term perspective, understanding the power of compounding returns and focusing on strategies that deliver sustained value.

So, if you are looking for a trusted advisor to navigate the exciting world of Nigerian and African investing, look no further than Chapel Hill Denham. With our comprehensive suite of services, deep-rooted knowledge, mission-driven approach and unwavering commitment to Nigeria and Africa's development, we are a powerful force for Nigeria and Africa’s growth.